Committed to Excellence

Outside the Box Developers is an Overland Park, KS firm.  We provide multifamily housing developments based on resilient, net-zero designs.  Our quality projects will provide dozens of advantages, enhancing the tax equity investor and the residents.  These advantages maximize the Triple Bottom Line of people, planet and profit.  Profitably building affordable and workforce housing, using clean solar energy is our mission.

Renewable energy tax credits, technology, solar and better materials lead to many advantages across the board.  Our design is a fresh change and will disrupt the way future multifamily projects are built.  Our advantages lead to increased profit in virtually every area.  We will create our quality projects for less.  Our projects will finish 2-3 times faster vs. conventional, saving over 50% on construction interest and collecting rents sooner.  Our projects will cost about 15% less than conventional methods, with significant cost advantages in the shell, roof and MEP building costs, while utilizing 80-90% less energy.  Dozens of other advantages combine with added income streams and lower operating expenses to create over 100% more NOI than a conventional comparison.

Will will raise equity for projects from accredited investors through tax equity investments.  The advantages are safe and lucrative.  A minimum investment of $250,000.00 is for accredited investors only.   All tax equity investments are made through Infinity Growth Fund.  Tax equity investors are compensated with the solar ITC, depreciation and other deductions.