Modern Work Space


Our complete system improves cost over conventional construction, beginning with our concrete shell. By self-performing the concrete, we will reduce shell costs by over 50%, a huge advantage. Our shell design will decrease other categories, lowering them as well. This includes MEP savings, interior finishing savings, exterior finishing savings, and roof savings. Essentially, our monolithic shell becomes a greater part of all of these categories, impacting and lowering their cost. We will be lower in total cost even though we will spend more on windows and doors and have the cost of solar, energy storage, and EV charging that conventional does not. Our cost reduction will be about 20% lower than conventional, providing a much better quality product.


Our faster construction process saves money. From breaking ground to occupancy, we will outperform conventional practices by lowering the construction phase from 9-12 months or longer to about 60-90 days. Construction interest paid will be reduced by over 50%. Faster occupancy, meaning earlier rent collection will result in much higher cash flow at the onset, allowing for earlier stabilization and refinance options, along with increased equity. This advantage in monetary terms is like lowering construction costs an additional 16%, impacting the bottom line for owners/investors in perpetuity.


Our more competitive construction process also creates additional advantages, further reducing Operating Expenses (OE). Combining increased EGI with lower OE increases Net Operating Income (NOI) by over 35% compared to conventional. Having increased NOI impacts Cash Flow, Debt-Service, Property Values, Cap Rates
and Equity very nicely, without increasing rental rates or sacrificing maintenance and living conditions. Conventional properties only increase NOI by increasing rent or reducing quality (OE) or both. We eliminate that practice, an unfortunate occurrence that too many landlords utilize.


Our much lower energy usage and clean energy from solar create both a new profit center for owners/investors and a great amenity to offer residents. This benefit and profit are increased when EV charging is provided by increasing solar and installing EV plug-in in the garage. Everyone wins.


Our units are virtually impossible to catch on fire, blow over in tornado or high winds or collect mold, saving on hazard insurance by about 70% vs. conventional. This savings adds up nicely, month after month. Residents will feel safer and more secure inside these strong and comfortable units.


Significant savings will be enjoyed on maintenance and repairs, further reducing OE every year. Each year wall damage, mold damage, painting, carpet replacement, roof replacement, and more will reduce. These savings will add up, particularly as the building ages.