Unlike virtually all conventional apartments we will improve:

Modern Work Space


Energy usage is lowered by about 70-80% vs. conventional, code apartments. This remaining energy usage may easily be supplied by solar energy and backed with energy storage, making these units net-zero design for energy use. The total cost of rent + utilities will be lower than a conventionally built unit of same size and without solar/energy storage, saving tenant money.


Energy-efficient units have tight envelopes with strong insulation, eliminating air infiltration (removing drafts). This maintains a more constant temperature and reduces fluctuations making it easier to maintain a constant, consistent temperature. Because the units are tight an energy recovery ventilator (ERV) will be installed to filter in fresh air (oxygen) while it filters out inside air, without losing temperature control.


Also designed into the HVAC system and complimenting the ERV, systems will be in place to both sterilize (kill germs) and remove odors (filter). This total system will provide superior air quality for all residents. Allergy and asthma sufferers will feel much better as dust and pollution will be greatly reduced vs. conventional. Unlike wood, concrete is mold resistant, enhancing both health and property maintenance.


Tight, well-insulated housing is much quieter than conventional housing by far. This makes sharing adjoining walls, floors and ceilings much more peaceful and livable. Outside sounds are reduced dramatically.


Residents will feel safe as high winds, tornados and fire are virtually eliminated. This resilience reduces both insurance (hazard) and maintenance costs dramatically. Our energy storage will provide back-up energy during intermittent outages and of course when the sun isn’t producing enough energy. If the sun doesn’t shine enough, the grid can supply power if storage is tapped out. Electric Vehicle (EV) charging will be provided in the garage and should provide enough energy for about 12,000 miles of driving (free) annually. Tenants will enjoy leaving with a (full tank) every time they start their day. The EV revolution is upon us. The solar, energy storage and EV charging will be both a convenience and money saver (great amenity) for residents, while increasing Effective Gross Income (EGI).


Pests are easily reduced or eliminated when they have few places to hide, nest, and breed. Solid concrete walls are definitely not pest friendly and have a great advantage, providing natural control of pests.